Restaurants in Zanzibar

The project of AmaniHome took time, passion and efforts, where everybody of us had the wonderful opportunity to discover the Art and Soul of this unique Island and expecially the real pleasure to enjoy all the restaurants around us.
Therefore, here is a list that we are really happy to share and suggest to all our Clients and Friends.


Distance 15 minutes walking from the Property, located by the beach. They have delicious food with various options between pasta, fish and meat. Tasty and delicate. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Open for lunch and dinner. Very recommended also for aperitif.
Walking distance 15 minutes , taking the right side of the beach , it is located right beside the kitesurf center.
Telephone: +255 777 239 296
Dress Code: casual


Distance 15 minutes walking from the Property, located near the beach. They have wonderful pasta, fish and meat with an Italian and Swahili combined touch. Always open. On request, they make also a wonderful pizza.
Telephone: +255 774 233 331
Dress Code: casual


Distance 1 mile from the Property, 5 minutes car ride. This African contemporary restaurant has a various selection of fresh dishes that will give you a full range of various pasta, fresh main fish courses and amazing carpaccio meat. The cuisine has an Italian touch combined with the knowledge of a local Swahili Chef, also recommendable to take a nice aperitif here. Always open. Please do note that they have a wide TV screen that chose the various sport match of all around the world.
Telephone: +255 778 142 962
Dress Code: casual


Distance 1 mile and half from the Property, 10 minutes car ride. Italian Chef from Puglia that after years of being lived in Zanzizar could create this very cute restaurant. The service is excellent and food touches all the kind of fishes, pasta and meat. Very interesting in watching work on his creation from the middle of the restaurant that shows him, working on each dish you will be ordered.
Telephone: +255 777 421 824
Dress Code: casual

GABI BEACH (Melia' Hotel)

Distance 5 minutes walking from the Property. It serves lunch and aperitif all day until 6.30 pm. Wonderful setting with tables on the sand and great cuisine. You will find of course pasta, fish and meat available including a really special pizza.
Take the beach on the left and walk for 5 minutes
Telephone: +255 789 743 254
Dress Code: casual

Amani Home Melià Spices Zanzibar


1 mile distance from the Property, 5 minutes car ride. This restaurant is the main of the Melià hotel 5-star luxury, in an elegant/casual ambient with a great buffet with a bit of everything. Open all days of the week.
Telephone: +255 789 743 254
Dress Code: casual / elegant


Located 10 minutes walking distance from the Property. It is an excellent restaurant with typical cuisine of an international resort where the pasta is made at the time.
You will also find excellent and various main dishes and a spectacular sweet counter plates!!!
Telephone: +255 242 240 241
Dress Code: casual


Distance 200 meters from our Property. This charming resort very family style, has a characteristic cuisine: pasta, fish and meat with an Italian, Swahili, Caribbean and south American tastes. Open all days.
Telephone: +255 774 141 803
Dress Code: casual


Distance 10 minutes car ride from the Property. The restaurant offers delicious meals crafted around international cuisine with the added magic of local ingredients and inspired coastal flavors. The restaurant with its skilled chef Mr. Jakub Janda belongs to the top of the island’s fine dining establishments.
Address: Pongwe Pwani, Zanzibar
Telephone: +255 773 409 377
Dress Code: casual/elegant


Distance 1 hr. car ride approximately from the Property. The Rock Restaurant rises on a rock not distant from the shore of the beautiful Michanwi Pingwe beach. Eating at Rock Restaurant is an experience you can’t miss: colors, relish and sensations blend together in unique magic
Address: Michamvi Pingue, Zanzibar
Telephone: +255 776591360
Dress Code: casual/elegant